Frequently Asked Questions


How do you ensure high quality for my work?

MLT is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality translation services by assigning a project manager and a dedicated team of language professionals to each client’s project.


How do you charge for your work?

We quote a fixed fee per source word at the beginning of a project. This fee is based upon language combination(s), type of text, text formatting, word count, volume of work and other factors.


How is the invoice calculated?

Invoice is calculated as a product of number of source words and cost per source word. We bill the payment in OMR for international and local clients.


How do you ensure confidentiality of the project?

We  are ready to sign  confidential  and non- disclosure agreements with both translators and clients.   


How do I send my documents to you?

You can send us the documents via e-mail, courier, or by hand.


How much will my project cost? 

You will be required to send the documents along with your project requirements. We will review the documents and respond with quotes within couple of hours. We will notify you if we need more time.  Project cost is dependent on language pairs, type of text, word count, formatting requirements et al.


What turnaround time can I expect?

This can vary depending upon the size and complexity of your project and number of languages into which a document needs to be translated. A typical translation process involves several steps: project evaluation, terminology identification, translation, editing and proofreading. A larger document will need more time. We will estimate the turnaround time within hours of project review. Our record for meeting timelines is excellent. You associate with us, and you’ll know.


Who will manage my project at MLT?

Once we receive a confirmation from you to start working on the project, we assign a project manager to you who will be in contact with you for your project requirements.


How do you select the team of my project?

Our language professionals are certified and/or hold higher level linguistic degrees.  


What is the translation process?

A typical translation process involves project evaluation, terminology identification, translation, proofreading and editing.


How will you deliver the finished project to me?

We can send the finished project in an e-mail and/or in hard copy.


How much will it cost to translate my website?

You can send us the link of the website and let us know the parts which need to be translated and we will send you the quote for translation. Besides, you can also send us the website content in pdf or word or any other format and we will provide you the quote.


What is editing?

Editing is the process of reviewing the accuracy and consistency. It also aims at preemptively correcting any potential mistakes on the translators’ part and it also ensures that phrases are translated in a consistent way throughout the document.


Is there a charge for sample translation?

We offer absolutely free of cost sample translation for 200-300 words. Usually clients find this sufficient to gauge the quality of our offerings.


What forms of payment do you currently support?

We accept check, wire transfer or cash.  You can choose your preferred mode of payment.


What are your payment terms?

50 % Payment is normally due upon starting work and the other 50 %  upon delivery …We provide the client with an invoice upon receipt of final project.


Is there an extra charge for rush job?

Extremely urgent jobs may be subject to an additional cost of 30%.


What is certified translation?

Certification affirms that, translation is done to the best of our knowledge, the translation we have provided is true and accurate with an accredited signature and stamp.  It is often required when the translation is to be used for legal, immigration, governmental or any other purposes.


What is formatting and how do I get to know if I need it on my documents?

Complex documents may include graphics, tables, charts etc. If you need to preserve the format of original document, you may need formatting work done.


What document formats you support?

We support Microsoft Word, PDF, XML, Microsoft excel, HTML, PowerPoint amongst many others.