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Thank you for visiting MUSCAT LEGAL TRANSLATION website.


We are thrilled to announce a new look for our company in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, being a branch of Fawzi & Abdul Aziz Trading CO. LLC, CR 1172962, in cooperation with the leading translation establishment in Lebanon, Sleem Translation and Services, together towards helping you communicate fluently and freely, so that, you can reach the globe without obstacles.


At MLT, we are keen to make your voice heard and to expand your world, so rest assured that our team and a network of carefully selected translators, interpreters and linguists will provide deep knowledge combined with punctuality and second-to-none quality.


Our mission here is to shape your thoughts, to speak out your ideas; and as we are aware that translation is not a matter of words, we adapt our translations to ensure they are culturally sensitive and appropriate for their intended audience, replicating the tone, phrasing, style and nuances of the context, so that you get a version that reads as if it had been written originally in the target language. We preserve the art of language through the careful provision of interpreting and translating, giving every person equal access to language. 


In a single platform of information, we place at your disposal everything about translation, interpretation, localization, transcription and editing. Our services are available in our computers, tablets, and smart phones, allowing us to offer our customers real-time information, with consistency, certainty and above all, trust.



I hope you will enjoy exploring our website which has been designed to let you easily understand our service offerings as well as our company. I thank you once again for your interest.