About Us

MUSCAT LEGAL TRANSLATION was established and properly incorporated in 2014 under R.No.(33/ 2014) Dated 4/05/2014, CR no. 2014330  MUSCAT-SULTANATE OF OMAN, being a branch of Fawzi & Abdul Aziz Trading Co. LLC, CR 1172962, with a group of skilful and  professional translators.  
MUSCAT LEGAL TRANSLATION is the perfect translation service solution for corporate clients or individuals in the Middle East or worldwide.  We help you overcome communication barriers with accurate translations, along with interpretation, localisation and transcription services that are tailored to fit market needs in different domains like:  business, marketing, legal, religious, education, medical, technical, etc.
MUSCAT LEGAL TRANSLATION professional team of certified and senior translators, interpreters and editors hold advanced degrees in translation and living languages, in addition to their considerable experience.
Our team of translators has in-depth knowledge and experience in the subject matter of your project and as well extensive experience in the localized cultures where the finished work will be used. This includes understanding the subtle differences, idioms, and nuances that need to be taken into account for the most precise translation possible.
Known for our high standard of reliability, punctuality and professionalism, we can deal with considerable bulk of work since we do believe in team work integration. Each team is composed of a senior translator(s), editor and project manager and rest assured knowing your confidential projects are kept in safe hands and only seen by key team members.
Furthermore, your translation documents can be certified and legalised to meet your exact requirements.

We work for your comfort; we enjoy speaking for you; we become your voice whenever you need us. Our mission is helping you reach the globe in our way. Just give us a try, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.